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“My wife and I had been growing farther and farther apart.We’d basically stopped communicating and all we seemed to do was argue. Roberta helped us identify the root of the problem and gain some insight, which has made a big difference. Our social life and our intimate life are much better already. Before we went to see Roberta it was like we were in a tug of war and each of us were at opposite ends of the rope. It was literally pulling our marriage apart. Now, we’re on the same side.We try to drag something else into the mud hole now – whatever’s against us.” – Steve,who along with his wife, had three months of counselling with Roberta

All of them deeply personal and highly individual. If you answer 'yes' to any of these questions, there’s a very good chance you’d benefit from therapy:

Do you feel sad or down in the dumps most of the time?
Do you continuously think you look old or unattractive?
Are you having fears of being alone, abandoned or criticized?
Do you feel like a victim of circumstance, without hope of overcoming your situation?
Do you feel overwhelmed and have to push yourself hard to do things?
Does a lack of self-esteem or confidence cause your career or personal relationships to suffer?
Are you and your spouse always arguing and feeling like you’re growing apart?
Are you haunted by memories of abuse?
Do you feel shameful or think you’re defective in some way?
Do you have difficulty forming relationships and maintaining them?

Therapy isn’t a quick fix. It’s a journey – and one where you do a lot of work. But I will help you make that journey, leading you towards greater self-awareness, understanding and self-acceptance.


Therapy can help you:

Identify, let go of and change harmful behaviour patterns
Take responsibility for your life, actions, feelings, health and happiness
Refocus and learn the skills required to live an authentic life
Reclaim your freedom and true identity

Some of the reasons adults seek my services:

Feelings of dissatisfaction, loneliness or emptiness
Isolation, depression
Spiritual deadness
Distress when talking about life
Recurrent anxiety, moodiness
Past or present abuse issues with partner, friend or family member
Unexplainable fatigue or sleeplessness
Inability to set or reach goals
Sexual problems or concerns
Intense or unmanageable anger or hostility
Repeated conflict with others
Recurring employment difficulties
Workaholism, burnout
Compulsive/addictive behaviours
Stress-related illnesses
Therapy isn’t a quick fix. It’s a journey – and one where you do a lot of work. But I will help you make that journey...”
– Roberta Teahen, MSW, RSW

Some reasons adolescents seek my services:

Failing grades where there used to be passing
Fluctuation in sleeping, eating patterns
Mood swings
Irritability, aggressive outbursts
Overall sense of sadness
Lack of interest in social activities and friends
Behavioural problems
Decreased ability to concentrate
General disinterest in life
Relationship problems with friends or family
Sexual identity issues
Past or present abuse

Some reasons couples and families seek my services:

Power struggles
Differences in intimacy, personality or temperament
Difficulties communicating
Failure of one or more family members to take responsibility for themselves or family problems
Division of labour issues
In-law and/or family of origin issues